Automatic Pool Covers

Cover Your Pool With Ease

We partner with Cover-Pools to provide the best automatic pool covers on the market today.

At Outside Design, the automatic pool covers we install for both residential and commercial pools, are built for easy installation, maximum adjustability, superior durability, and will blend seamlessly with the pool architecture.

The robust stainless cable provides for the utmost strength and durability. It does not shrink or stretch as traditional nylon ropes do.

Our automatic cover provides:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Large 1 1/2" pulleys
  • Positive/sure-shift drives
  • Drum and reel brake
  • Hard- coded anodized and marine-grade aluminum brackets
  • Automatic tension corr-resistant cable reels with adjustable diameter
  • Poolside vertical pulleys
  • Quick-cable attachments
  • Quick installation cradle
  • Industrial grade autostop or slip clutch
  • New condensed motor with potted capacitor
  • Adjustable corr-resistant end hub

What Our Clients Say

They will transform your backyard into an outdoor living space paradise. Every stone is meticulously placed. every corner is planned and executed professionally and precisely.

David Anthony

Outside Design Custom Pools did a superior job with constructing our new pool to the expectations they promised us. I am super super happy and love my new backyard. Thank you!

Sky M.

All I can say is everyone at Outside Design are simply the best! From start to completion they were so professional and reliable. My pool is complete and my dream has come true.

Jennifer P.

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