Water Features

Decorative and Functional

Your backyard poolscape is your never never land and will not be complete without a sumptuous water feature.

Many of us jet clear across the county to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy a Hawaiian retreat or a Tahitian spa. For many of us, that is not ideal. We have the solution!

Add a few water features to your backyard, and you will find that you now have your very own amazing retreat. Both the ambiance and the sound of flowing water have a soothing effect that will bring you to an exotic island right in your own backyard.

While more extensive water features can offer the ultimate experience, smaller features can amplify the space providing just the right touch.

Below we list a few ideas that are sure to enhance your never never land.

What Our Clients Say

They will transform your backyard into an outdoor living space paradise. Every stone is meticulously placed. every corner is planned and executed professionally and precisely.

David Anthony

Outside Design Custom Pools did a superior job with constructing our new pool to the expectations they promised us. I am super super happy and love my new backyard. Thank you!

Sky M.

All I can say is everyone at Outside Design are simply the best! From start to completion they were so professional and reliable. My pool is complete and my dream has come true.

Jennifer P.

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